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Epilepsy & seizure disorders treatment

Caused by abnormal electrical activity in the brain, seizures can range from mild to debilitating. While some are marked by convulsions, others have less noticeable symptoms. Medicines, fevers and head injuries can all trigger seizures, while other seizure triggers are more difficult to identify. Some patients who have recurring seizures are diagnosed with epilepsy.

The providers at Novant Health Neurology & Sleep are board-certified and many are fellowship-trained in fields related to seizure disorders and epilepsy medicine. Shankar Perumal, MD additionally brings expertise to our team as the medical director of the epilepsy monitoring unit at Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center. Our specialists will review your seizure history and use advanced medical tools to pinpoint the location and potential cause of your seizures.

In some cases, long-term EEG monitoring will be used to record seizure activity over a period of days or weeks to better understand your specific disorder. After any needed information is collected, we will develop a plan to prevent your seizures or reduce their frequency. Some patients find relief with anti-seizure medications. Others might require more advanced treatments including vagal nerve stimulation or surgical procedures.

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