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Stroke treatment

A stroke occurs when blood flow to the brain is disrupted, either because of a blood clot or blockage, or because of another disruption in the circulatory system. Click on this link to see a short video explaining what causes a stroke, and what effects it can have on the brain.

After a stroke, specialized care from Novant Health Neurology & Sleep can help you or your loved one regain lost brain and body function, or learn to live a full and fulfilling life with different abilities. Many of our physicians are active members of the American Stroke Association, and have spent years studying both the prevention and treatment of stroke.

If you or a family member is taken to Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center after suffering a stroke, the Novant Health Neurology & Sleep neurohospitalists will provide you with the best care medically available. Those hospital-based providers will work with our outpatient providers to make sure your high quality care continues in one of our offices throughout your recovery process.

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