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EMG testing

Electromyography (EMG) Testing measures how muscles and nerves respond to electrical activity. The test can help your physician identify conditions that might be causing muscle weakness. Those include muscular dystrophy and nerve disorders.

The test works by using small electrodes to detect electrical signals in the body. The electrodes are either taped to the skin, or are on a needle inserted directly into a muscle. The signals are transmitted to a machine which turns them into graphs, sounds or numbers that a technician interprets.

A nerve conduction study could be included in your EMG. In this part of the test, electrodes taped to the skin measure how fast electrical signals travel from one point in the body to another.

During the test, you might be asked to contract certain muscles or complete other movements. If needles are used, you might experience minor discomfort when they are inserted. Your muscles might feel sore or bruised for a few days afterward. However, there should be no long-lasting effects of this test.

Novant Health Neurology Specialists offers this test within our office. We are happy to provide this convenient service to our patients in a familiar, comfortable environment. If you are having muscle problems or if a physician has recommended an EMG test for you or a loved one, please call our office for more information.

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